Friday, April 29, 2011

Now, for the 9mm handguns.

I'll list them by the recommendations made in this post.

1 - Beretta PX4 Storm.
This is a BIG contender.  It felt very, very nice.  They had a range simulator set up so people could check recoil, accuracy, trigger feel, and the like without live ammo - the ammo was gas-filled, and still cycled the slide correctly.  Note to self, find out who makes those rounds. they're neat!

2 - M&P9
No, no, no.  Weird trigger means I don't want it.

3 - Ruger SR9
I wanted to like this.  I really did.  I didn't, however.  It just didn't feel comfortable.

4 - XD/XDM
Nooooooo.  No me gusta.

It was WAY too blocky...I couldn't really get a comfortable grip on it at all, even when the booth-sitter decided I wasn't holding it right (hurr durr, DO YOU NOT SEE THE CAMERA HANGING OFF MY WRIST?)...He then went on to attempt to push the Five Seven, which I told him I absolutely didn't want.  Insisted every woman who shot them wanted them.  Insisted I would like it better than anything else I already own.  Insisted I didn't know what I was talking about.  Sorry, FN, but when your booth-sitter behaves this way you've guaranteed I will not recommend your guns.

6 - I'll still look at the P99 - assuming they have one at the Walther booth.  We didn't get that far before the building closed for the day, so it's a possibility right now until I see it.  Will update this tomorrow or Sunday.

7 - Firestorm/Thunder 9
This was a neat little pistol.  A little rough around the edges, but if I were recommending a cheap compact 9mm to someone, this would PROBABLY be it.  The MSRP was in the $500 range but I'm certain it can be had for less than that.

8 - Tanfoglio/EA Witness Compact
Holy damn no.  Trigger felt like tin.

So far, I've got a great idea of what's out there.  At Caleb's suggestion I visited the Sig booth to see the P250, and I definitely like that one.  I also looked at the offerings at the CZ booth, and I like the compact 75.  I don't know that I liked it as much as the Beretta, though.  So as of right now I have three to check out at a range.  Thanks for all your suggestions, folks - I appreciate it!

Update 5/3:  After handling the Beretta, CZ, and Bersa one after the other the CZ75 Compact wins it.  I'll be ordering it later this year.  I also like the Beretta enough to put that on the list for a later purchase.


Mike W. said...

That EAA trigger was awful. Heavy, very gritty throughout the pull and a bit of stacking. Everything you don't want in a DA trigger pull.

That said, it wasn't as bad as the Cobra Arms Patriot from last years Convention. That trigger HURT.

Laura said...

I'm glad i didn't manhandle the Cobra.

Joat said...

Good choice on the CZ75 compact, I carry one every day. 14 round magazines can be a little hard to find for a reasonable price but the 16 round mags from a full size function perfectly for me, I carry with a 14 round mag in the gun and a 16 round mag in my back pocket.