Friday, April 29, 2011

Thoughts from the first 26 hours.

1 - Pittsburgh has some RIDICULOUS traffic.  For serious.  Also, thank goodness for GPS.

2 - Our hotel is nice enough, but the beds are HORRIBLE and the maids cannot read and comprehend notes when they're paired with money.  We're still short a wash cloth (and they stole the stack of towels I requested last night) and didn't leave an extra comforter like we requested.

3 - The hotel restaurant is nice.  Their burgers are huge and they have an alright alcohol suggestion - at least, they had everything people asked for.  Their eggs are pretty good, too.

4 - OMG SO MANY BLOGGERS.  O. M. G.  I met entirely too many people to remember last night.  Finally met Breda after YEARS of talking with her online. Woo!

5 - The people AT the convention?  Very polite - they even say "excuse me" when shoving you out of the way!  My fellow nerds aren't that polite.  C'mon guys, step up the politeness at places like Comic-Con.

6 - TRAFFIC HOLY DAMN.  How is Baltimore on the top list of worst traffic in the US?  How is Pittsburgh NOT on this list?

7 - Vendors are nice.  They're especially nice when they see MEDIA on my badge...heh.

8 - The hotel did NOT plan the shuttle well.  Standing in the bus on the way back?  NOT ACCEPTABLE.

9 - Now nursing my feetses, as they are sore and I am tired.  Much longer day ahead tomorrow.


Chris said...

I'm going to convert her to being a Beretta fan yet.

Keads said...

Have fun and I look forward to more field reports!

Laura said...

Keads, you can expect stuff from both of us all weekend. :D Hope you enjoy them!