Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coonan Inc. Announces Custom FAL Recievers (Breaking News!)

While at the NRA Annual Meeting I had a great chat with Dave Neville at the CoonanInc booth. He is an incredibly nice guy who was eager to answer all my questions and give me the scoop on what Coonan is up to these days.   He showed me his current crop of .357 Magnum 1911-patterned pistols and talked with me about his FAL offerings.

If you are unaware, Coonan produces precision machined, investment casting, Type 3 upper receivers and ejector blocks for FAL pattern rifles. They call the two parts precision fitted together the FAL Receiver Type 1C . Starting this week the Type 1C receivers will be available with authentic markings and, in addition they will match the serial number to your lower receiver. MSRP is $435. This is great news for collectors trying to put together an authentic, numbers-matching rifle!

Photos of Coonan's offerings past the cut:

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