Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tactical Sammich!

One of the things we were hoping to get at the Meeting was a can or two of Tactical Bacon from the folks at CMMG.  Turns out they decided to leave the bacon at home because it weighs a crap-ton, so I can't really blame them.  They did, however, deliver something equally awesome and amusing:
I give you the Tactical Sammich.

Chris bought a few, mostly for the giggle factor, and I assumed it would just be something for the Meeting.  Well, to my surprise, the crazy monkeys at ThinkGeek are ALSO selling it.  AND they have a video.  It seems to be edible, so woo for that...and the guy in the video uses proper firearm handling (on what is likely a toy), so double woo.

Anyway, with a 2 year shelf life the sammiches make a fun/silly gift for the prepper in your family/circle of friends.

This was not paid for by anyone, I just think it's a neato idea and I happen to love ThinkGeek. The CMMG guys seemed pretty neat, too.


North said...

Best part: Calling it a 'sammich'. Rock on.

Laura said...

if you look carefully at the packaging, it says CMMG: small arms ^and sammich manufacturing.

they win on many levels with this product.

Mike W. said...

Well at least when someone tells you to "shut up and make me a sammich" all you've gotta do is grab one of thees.... :P

Alan said...

"Tactical Sammich" had me thinking of something entirely different.

Mike W. said...

One women in OD green and the other in FDE Alan?