Friday, May 6, 2011

Quote of the day

MikeW shared his opinions of the intolerance the anti-gun crowd shows those with limited/reduced mobility:

If you only have one leg how the hell are you supposed to run away?  If you're wheelchair bound how are you supposed to duke it out with someone ablebodied?  Anti-gunners don't care.  In their world perhaps Americans with physical impediments don't exist or don't matter, but in the real world those people are frequently victimized.
Read the whole thing.


Mike W. said...

Ok, I think virtually my entire post has now been quoted by about half a dozen gunbloggers..

Not bad for something I threw up in half an hour at lunch.

Thanks for the link!

Old NFO said...

And it's a damn good one, and raises MANY vaild points! Friend of mine is an Instructor out west, he runs classes specifically for handicapped/limited mobility folks and EVERY class is full!

Marty said...

When seconds count, help is just minutes away...