Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Spookytime!

In honor of my favorite month and my love of horror movies I will be making some suggestions for your viewing pleasure, while using the wonderful database over at IMFDB to highlight some of the firearms that make appearances in these movies.

We'll start out with one of my favorites. The Monster Squad

This great poster was done by artist Tyler Stout for the Alamo Draft House.

This is a great movie to start the month with. It's got a pretty good script, comedy, 80's camp, and the classic Univeral Studios Monsters as reimagined by Stan Winston. At the time it came out it had very advanced effects and it still looks pretty good. It's also very kid friendly. It follows a group of friends and their secret club The Monster Squad, where they talk about and share their love for all things monsters. Lucky for us their geeky knowledge becomes the only thing to stand in the way when Dracula puts his plot in motion to rule the world.

If you're going to battle monsters you need some tools right? Here's the List from IMFDB of the guns that make an appearance in the film. It includes a 12 Gauge side by side, a Webley Mk IV, a S&W Model 15, and a S&W Model 3000 pump gun. In addition there's daggers, bows and arrows and some dynamite. There's even a scene in which one squad memeber makes his own silver bullets. These nerds turn out to be pretty resourceful and it's amazing how the grown ups are just never prepared.

So what would you choose for battling monsters? Remember you have to use the right tool for the job and your zombie aresenal just might not cut it against real monsters.


stopsign said...

I like Spookytime too. I'll watch for your suggestions.

BTW~ Great Movie

Old NFO said...

Hopefully there will be a Bela Lugosi film on your list :-)

instinct said...

If there isn't then I will say the list was rigged :D

Let's see, weapons for Monsters...

Silver is a standard that should always be kept around, but is to light for an actual bullet, so I would have hollow points filled with a silver cap.

Holy water in a super soaker, Acid etched knives impregnated with silver into the blade surface (last ditch weapons though) and finally, a cross and a really fast car to run away in!

Chris said...

Stopsign- I have a few planned

OldNFO- See now i have to go re-watch some I was trying to pick some with firearms and I'm not sure if any of the Lugosi ones have them in any prominencerit :) This was different than my great horror movies list.

Insticnt- Sounds like a pretty thorough list. I see a little Supernatural influence there. How about a cold iron blade tempered in salt water?