Friday, October 7, 2011

The Washington Times is taking on the gun issue in DC...

And it's being written from a woman's perspective.

For a small bit of background: Senior Editor Emily Miller is a DC resident and wants a gun. Says she doesn't feel safe in DC anymore. Has decided to go through the entire process of purchasing a firearm, and is posting about it daily.

To follow her story on the Washington Times site, go here; go here if you want to follow her on Twitter.

Hopefully this will be helpful to others in DC who want to buy, but don't have a clue where to start...and good luck to Emily!


Mike W. said...

I also find these instructive because they illustrate just how much of a clusterfuck getting the gun legally really is.

Your average person just doesn't know how bad the gun laws are, or what they are for that matter.

Laura said...

Not only that, but this shows there's an education gap between people with minimal experience who want to buy and those who know all the terminology and don't care to help. Tossing around words without explaining them makes it that much more daunting to the individual on the other side of the counter. Maybe that's their intention.