Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New gun-friendly comic just got started.

For those of you who are fans of Two Lumps, the creators have started a new comic, Failure to Fire.

Says James,
I am a lifelong shooter. Fired my first .22 on my 5th birthday, grew up Mormon and went shooting often, hunted on a regular basis in my teens. Name a gun that’s on the American market, there’s a good chance I’ve put some lead downrange with it, including the .50 Desert Eagle, the Steyr Aug, the .50 BMG, and (once) an illegally converted Glock 17 Full Auto. (This was, btw, one of the worst firearms I’ve ever put my trigger finger to.)

More on his preference between the AK and the AR (and other stuff) can be seen here and here. I've met these people, and I like them. Go check it out. :)

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Old NFO said...

Gonna follow em, thanks!