Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pro-2A kickstarter in the works, needs our support!

Hey everyone.

I just received an email from one Ray Carter over at the Second Amendment Foundation regarding a pro-gun documentary that is currently in the works. They're looking for backers via Kickstarter, and I think this might be a worthy cause.

The email he sent me:

Dear Laura:

In the last 15 days, supporters of the 2nd Amendment pledged nearly $15,000 for support of the important new film “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire” that exposes California as the front line in the civil rights battle between public safety and the 2nd Amendment. The Second Amendment Foundation and the Calguns Foundation have each contributed $5,000.00 to get this project off the ground.

As a blogger and the writer of "Insert Witty Title Here", you are at the cutting edge of communicating with the online Pro-2A community and we are asking you to join us in supporting this project. Your help is necessary to make this happen.

Please go to and make your pledge now. Also, of equal importance, we are asking you to reach out to your readers and let them know about this project.

Thank you for your support,

Ray Carter
Director of Development

I tossed a few dollars their way. I like the 2AF, and I like what they're doing for our community. They're doing a heck of a lot more than that massive organization that likes to harass the crap out of the lot of us, that's for sure...

So, if you've got a little spare cash available (assuming you've already supported the kilted guys, of course), consider it.

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Old NFO said...

Done and done. I know Ray, he's a stand up guy!