Saturday, September 8, 2012

Talk to me about AR15/M4gery SBRs.

Specifically: what uppers have you used? What's the process for building an SBR? At what point should I get a tax stamp for it? Should I set up a trust?

I'm starting research, and planning on actually starting to acquire parts either late this year or early next year. I will probably buy a completed upper, unless someone can justify the effort of putting together my own upper. I'm only moderately mechanically inclined. Putting together a lower wasn't difficult, but I don't know how well I'd do with an upper, especially with a lack of workbench.

Here's the plan thus far:
Go through York Arms for a lower
Get a Spike's upper (unless someone can suggest a better upper than one of theirs)
Trigger kit will probably be a DPMS set unless there's a better option out there.

Still trying to decide the stock I want to get. I'm VERY tempted to go the obnoxious route for this one...just because.


ZerCool said...

Go through York for the whole thing. Wally will be able to clue you in on a whole lot of the process. And unless I'm mistaken, isn't the Miller in your area? He should have a clue also since he just the 'can thing.

Trigger ... DPMS is a fine single-stage mil-spec trigger. If you want a good trigger, you'll need to think about spending the money for a RRA 2-stage, or Timney, or Geissele...

Old NFO said...

Agree with Zer, and you'll have to start NOW on the stamp, as it can take up to SEVEN months... I'd get a two stage trigger, single stage is NOT a good idea in an AR platform.

Laura said...

ZerCool - Not seeing uppers listed. He'll build me one? Any idea if his price will be under $600? That's sortof my budget for the upper. I'll talk to Marty about the stamp when I see him later this month. :)

NFO - Not worried about how long it'll take, honestly. This isn't going to be done in the next year, most likely. Have other priorities on the list. Just starting the research now. :)

Thanks, guys!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Here's something to think about. Since this is an Election Year, it is possible that next January the Dems could be back in charge of Congress and the White House. Now, under that Scenario, another "so-called Assault Rifle Ban" could come down the road. If that happens, then the price of AR stuff could go through the roof.

Because the BATFEIEIO considers the Lower to be the "Rifle", you might not be able to get one. I recommend you go ahead and get your lower ASAP. The rest of it would be much easier to procure later.

Having shot Zercool's Wife's "Delicate Flower," I can HIGHLY recommend one of Wally's Lowers. Outstanding Quality! Plus, the custom touches that Zercool can design to personalize it for you are great!

And if nothing happens on the Political Front to Attack the RKBA, you'll be ahead of the Curve.

Laura said...

Oh, I was planning on picking up the lower in the next couple of months. It's the upper that'll be particularly costly, and I'll be taking my time with that.

ZerCool said...

I know for a fact that Wally/York can build uppers - he's knocking together a 300BLK for me right now. You'd really need to speak directly to him about price... Mine is going to be moderately custom - special barrel profile, free-float handguards, and a Nickel-Boron BCG - so I'm not a good gauge.

Keep in mind, of course, that the *upper* doesn't need a stamp - it can be acquired anytime. Just don't let it get near a lower, in case they decide to become an unregistered SBR while you're not looking... *eyeroll*

Marty said...

In the mean time, go get two passport photos done. You can get them at most CVS's. You will need them for the paperwork.

Laura said...

Already have a pair from when I got my passport renewed last year. :)

Laura said...

ZerCool - I guess that means I'll have to figure out what, exactly, I want in the upper.

I'll talk to him when I order the lower. :) I didn't know I wouldn't need the stamp until I actually put the pieces together...that makes things a little less of a hassle, I suppose. Thanks for the info.

Wally said...

The assembly needs a stamp, true, and not a stripped lower.

But with the wait times, it may be better to get the transfer (or approval) rolling now.

I can put it together as a complete SBR, out the door, if it makes it easier for you - no form 1 / approval to build nonsense.

Then again, the alternative is to build an AR "pistol" (those should be air quotes) until the SBR stamp is approved, then you can add a stock to suit.

Drop a line and I'll square you up. There are a few options out there for how to proceed.

Laura said...

Wally - will be in touch. Was waiting to contact you until I had funds available for the lower, which likely won't happen until early October. Was going to ask plenty of other questions then. :) Thanks for dropping by!

Mike W. said...

Might also wanna check out Bison Armory, which Chance is either owner or co-owner of.