Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ATTENTION: Utah's changing their out-of-state permit laws

A friend of mine just passed this along to me this morning:

The State of UTAH has passed a new law on February 15, 2011 about to be signed by the Governor. The bill changes Section 53-5-704 as it relates to non-residents of Utah being allowed to get Utah permits. Here are the hightlights:
(a) if your own State permit does not honor the Utah permit or does not have reciprocity with Utah - you cannot get a Utah permit - period.
(b) New UTAH applications received by Utah after May 10, 2011 by NYS pistol permit holders will NOT be accepted.
(c) Current UTAH permit holders will be affected by this law when they try to renew their permit anytime after January 1, 2012.

Or, according to (c), I wouldn't waste your money.

For those of us in states with either no permits or no reciprocity, we're screwed out of Utah.  Hopefully Virginia won't get a bug up its ass and change the law.


Mike W. said...

Hmmm, I wonder if Utah BCI would still have a copy of my training certificate that they could fax me? If so I'll go ahead and get everything I need to apply for a VA non-res.

Also, this floor amendment passed, so that for non-residents if your state DOES NOT have reciprocity with Utah the bill doesn't apply to you. So you're still OK since you're in MD.

It does however make my UT permit useless come 2012, since UT and DE do have reciprocity.


Laura said...

Mike, thanks for the info. Chris emailed an instructor about it and verified, as well.

Apparently, I shouldn't read important things like that when suffering a head cold.

Mike W. said...

go easy on the Tussin' woman! :P