Thursday, February 10, 2011

Will it catch on?

Far from new, but fairly unknown in the US is the sport of Biathlon. This sport involves cross country skiing and shooting. Participants have to cross country ski around a 10 to 20k course in a number of laps depending on the event and shoot between each lap at 5 targets at a distance of 50m. More details can be found here: . It sounds very demanding, but also like a lot of fun. Most Americans, like me have only seen glimpses of this sport during the Winter Olympics, but it’s very widely followed in Europe, so much so that the State of Maine thinks it can cash in on tourists from those countries by promoting it, and building world class facilities to host international biathlon matches and other winter sports. . This plan, according to their website is not only to promote winter sports, but to help Maine’s rural communities have an economic engine to support them in their future. The good news is it seems to be working. They are currently hosting the Biathlon World Cup and reports from their website indicate large crowds have turned out for the event. . You can follow the news there or on for in depth details of the matches. I think this is great news, and gives the shooting community one more thing to attract new shooters or to introduce existing ones to something new and fun.

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