Friday, July 29, 2011

Boo, Chiappa. Boo.

Way to make no one in the blogging community want to buy one of your pistols.

If you're going to use RFID tech in inventory management, it's great to let your customers know about it.  I don't have a problem with it, really...but please, don't let your distributors do the talking for you when it comes to responding to complaints, especially if they're going to be snarky.  That just paints you as the bad guy.

**Edited to add** I've read the press release, and I misunderstood who was originally saying the chips can only be read within a couple of inches.  So glad to see MKS is failing in both their snark and their facts.  WTG, failboats.


Alan said...

The RFID doesn't bother me, it is easily removed.

Their attitude on the other hand is a problem. Customers may not mind buying a crappy gun, they do it all the time, but they won't like being called idiots.

And MKS/Chiappa doesn't make guns nice enough to get away with H&K's "You suck and we hate you" attitude.

Laura said...

That's essentially what I mean. That there is an RFID chip in it bothers me far less than the douchebag distributor's response to concerns...and it's guaranteed the Rhino is completely off the list (it was only on the list as a for-shits-and-giggles gun). They don't need my money if they're going to be that stupid.

Marty said...

MKS is just their distributor in Ohio. What the hell is with Ohio lately? The press release from Chiappa was good actually. Espicially considering many manufacturers use RFIDs and never say a word.

Laura said...

Marty, I corrected my post. You're right, the press release is fine. The problem here lies solely with MKS.

Chris said...

If I'm concerned, here's a novel idea, how about I don't buy one.

Old NFO said...

Attitude + lousy gun = NO sale here... :-)