Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is the Bunny Man Back?

WJZ Baltimore reports a man attacked a roadside speed camera vehicle with a hammer on the BW parkway yesterday. SWAT was called, they closed the highway and used helicopters, but could not catch the suspect. He vanished into the woods next to the highway after apparently brandishing a shotgun then beating the vehicle with a hammer while the speed trap camera operator was inside. There were no injuries and the police have no motive.

I would hazard a guess at the motive, the individual doesn't like speed traps. In any event this type of story causes me to raise an eyebrow due to my knowledge of local legend. You see the Baltimore/Washington area has an urban legend called The Bunny Man! This attack fits the story except for a missing bunny suit and an axe instead of a hammer. OK, OK I'm reaching a little, but perhaps the contractor in the vehicle was too ashamed or frightened to admit he saw a 6ft dude in a bunny suit. Maybe he mistook a hatchet for a hammer. A random vandalism attack and the suspect disappears? Poof! Who would believe him? Maybe he doesn't know about the legend? Maybe they're not releasing all the details so they don't start a panic. I can't believe all that police power and tax dollars were used to no avail in order catch any regular criminal, or that any regular criminal could evade such a manhunt so easily. It's just a bit strange.

It is nice; however to see real research into an Urban Legend and as the legend is more prevalent near Fairfax, VA a local librarian and archivist there named
Brian A. Conley, of the Fairfax County Public Library did some pretty in depth research to get to the bottom of the story. The Bunny Man Unmasked.

So you can accept Brian's in-depth investigation and conclusion or you can wonder if The Bunny Man is STILL AT LARGE!


Mike W. said...

Oh C'mon Chris! Don't give this guy any ideas!

Chris said...

What do you mean come on? How many times do you get to see an urban legend in action.

Old NFO said...

Oh man... I can't wait to see what the WAPO does with this one... :-)