Sunday, July 3, 2011

Things on my brain.

Part Two of the weekend happened today - we went to the new local range with our guests.  We were there about an hour, killed some zombie (targets), and had an excellent time.  Well...excellent, aside from Chris's AR15's feed problems and a couple of feed issues with my (admittedly dirty) Rock Island.  UMC bulk pack .45 is some dirty stuff, since that's all I've shot through it for the past 100 rds.

I was going to be more chatty about the 4th, but Newbius covered it for me.  Go, read the whole thing.


Old NFO said...

That he did... :-) And your comment about Ft. McHenry is pretty telling too!

Newbius said...

Thank you for the link.

Mike W. said...

UMC is hideously dirty stuff. Lots of carbon residue. That said, it's cheap. I've got a few thousand rounds of it in 9mm.

Laura said...

NFO - thanks. :)

Newbius - of course! You said it better than I could.

Mike - no kidding. Chris is still trying to figure out the AR issues, so we're going to have a cleaning night soon...probably before Thursday.