Thursday, January 3, 2013

Attention gardeners.

I know some folks out there like to garden, and some like to grow their own food. Are any of you folks also in the habit of saving your seeds? Want a list of companies that sell only heirloom seeds?

Courtesy the Baltimore Snacker, I give you this list. It tells you what companies are owned by Monsanto (i.e. seeds that won't breed true from year to year) and what companies are certified non-GMO/heirlooms.

I've noticed it's getting harder and harder to find heirlooms lately. Seems like everyone's growing Big Boy and Better Boy tomatoes, which taste like nothing to me. I prefer "ugly" tomatoes.

Oh, and a from Landreth and Baker Creek. Both companies have fantastic customer service, their seeds are reliable, and their selection can't really be beat. They've got gorgeous catalogs, too.

I figure it's the time of year when some of us start thinking about what we want to grow in the spring, and some of us are even starting seeds by now. Can't hurt to get a jump on things. :)


Garand Gal said...

Thanks for the links. I usually buy from Baker Creek but last year I hit a lot of the ebayers and had good success. It's about time to clear the garden out and get some stuff in the ground too, I'm thinking next weekend. Hope you're well :)

Laura said...

Baker Creek just added a tomato variety that Chris requested last year. I really love those people.

It's still way too cold to start prepping the ground - we had a low of around 25* last night. We haven't even discussed what sort of gardening we might do this year. Last year we stuck to things in buckets because of the pup...we just didn't have the time to spend on anything else. I know we'll continue to get zinnias and such for the front, at least. Might redistribute some of my Japanese irises...they've taken over the plot Chris put them in a few years ago. Those suckers spread like gangbusters.

I'm doing alright. Still missing my boy. How are things down your way?

Old NFO said...

Wish I HAD room to garden... sigh...

Laura said...

If you have a balcony with good light during the day you can still garden in containers. If you have roof access, you can garden in containers. :P We do all our tomatoes in containers, now, as they seem to prefer it.

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