Friday, January 25, 2013

Hollywood might be right on this one.

Have you ever watched an apocalyptic/zombie movie or TV show and thought; "Wow those guys are dumb, there must be a million gun shops, Wal Marts, Bass Pro's and Cabelas around there. Why don't they just go scrounge some ammo and guns? There's gotta be a few boxes around." I think Laura can attest to me saying this a million time while watching The Walking Dead. Well, ladies and gentleman it appears we're wrong. Enter the gun/ammo panic of 2013.

Have you tried to buy ammo in the last few weeks? It's gone. Online, and in local stores everywhere. I think the realization finally hit me a few weeks back when I saw that Cabela's was out of most popular calibers.  CABELAS WAS OUT OF AMMO!  If you've never been to a Cabelas when you go to the gun department there are pallets of ammo sitting around on the sales floor and shelves and racks of ammo, everywhere.  In short, they usually have mountains of ammo. They were out online too. Not just 5.56 and 7.62x39. They were out of .22lr!

Luckily this will pass, as stuff comes back in stock and the manufacturers keep churning out product, but consider this all you Preppers and Zombie Hunters: this  shortage was caused mostly by existing gun owners. Now imagine that everyone thinks they need guns and ammo, and it's an apocalyptic event where the manufacturers aren't going to come back online. Take this rare opportunity to learn, to actually see what could happen without real consequences and adjust your plans accordingly. Re-think how much you might need, or reconsider learning to reload and forgoing that next gotta have it gun purchase to by the equipment to do it.  Consider all those extra stops you marked on your escape route/ bug-out / travel map and that they may not actually be worth your time and effort to stop, and just this once consider that Hollywood may have actually got something right for once.                


Anonymous said...

My local Wal Mart's shelves were bare of ammo today. (Fl.)

Old NFO said...

My Cabela's order came in today :-)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Empty ARs make Lousy Clubs.