Saturday, January 5, 2013

New USEFUL gun crime stat resource launched today.

A gentleman I know just launched Check Your Gun Stats after being frustrated at the lack of useful info collected in one location.

To quote him, is my current side project. It is a site to view crime rates, murder rates, assault rates, and robbery rates for the USA as a whole as well as each individual state. ....

This is no simple process. But it's coming along. Every data point will be cited. Once again, the purpose of this site is simply to show data in a meaningful manner and to give users an idea of what key events (just legislation based) have happened over the years. It's not to sway anybody one way or another. My opinions are kept off of this site.

Go read the rest of what he has to say about it. I think it might come in handy.


Old NFO said...

Thanks for the link, good reading!

Stephen Adams said...

Laura, thanks for the link out. :)

Got a lot to clean up data wise. In particular:

Murder Rate: 37 records out of 850
Assault Rate: 47 out of 874
Robbery Rate: 47 out of 875

That's essentially 2,730 data entry points (1 for each state, DC, and the country for each year). Each source I'll need to put a footnote if it was present in the original source documentation.

That's about 4.8% of the data. I need to put a Disclaimer page up that lists it.

Stephen Adams said...

....also it's interesting to note that for years 2004 and up, the data is much more accurate (about only a 1.6% fault).

Laura said...

NFO - don't thank me, thank the creator. :)

Stephen - sure thing, dude! i figure we're part of your target audience. you may see a spike in linked to it through me, and he tends to send at least a thousand readers in the direction of things he links.

i really wonder why the data isn't as accurate pre-04.

Stephen Adams said...

Tough to say. I'm going to have to hand correct some of these years. Hope I can find the data.

Laura said...

good luck with it. i don't have the patience for that much datamining. :)

Stephen Adams said...

I'm to the point where I'm reaching out to individual states. Haha.

Montana put me in touch with their statistician. We've had some back and forth. That data might not be available from 1997-2000 (violent crimes by weapon type).