Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Attention Marylanders.

There's a survey going around. Please go fill it out. This is being sent directly to Senator Miller, so be polite.



Maura said...

I drafted a response.

Senator Miller,

As a responsible adult and gun owner living in Maryland, I'm disturbed that Governor O'Malley's knee jerk reaction to the CT massacre would be considered by the MD Senate. It is obvious that Governor O'Malley is trying to take advantage of a difficult situation to push through his anti-gun agenda - an agenda NOT supported by the vast majority of Marylanders.

Marylanders want the ability to protect themselves and their property through responsible handgun ownership.

We are already one of the most restrictive states in the Nation, and my 2nd Amendment rights guaranteed to me by the US Constitution have been brushed aside by previous Maryland politicians pulling their own agenda and not voting with the will of the people. 45 other states in the US recognize their citizen's inherent right to own a gun freely and carry a concealed weapon on their person. Not Maryland.

What is it about Maryland citizens that makes us not able to trusted to carry and own a weapon?

I am not allowed to carry my weapon because I live in Silver Spring Maryland.
If I move to Virginia or Pennsylvania - I am trusted? Does that make sense to you?

Please, Senator Miller. I'm imploring you to look past the emotions of current events, and see that our rights as US citizens are being infringed upon by the state of Maryland. The new "improved" gun law proposed by Governor O'Malley will take Maryland further down the path of prohibiting our rights as citizens, and is not in line with the thinking and actions of the vast majority of states in the US.


Maura ******
Silver Spring, MD

Old NFO said...

Be police or polite??? :-)

Laura said...

GAH, good catch. fixing that now.

Maura said...

BTW, thanks for the link. I forwarded it to most of the engineers in my office; All but 1 or 2 people in my office are gun owners.

Laura said...

Maura - glad to share! Are you going to Annapolis on the 6th? I think I may.