Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holy crap, prices have gone nuts.

My cousin made his way to the local fun show today, and has been sending me reports of prices over the past hour or so.

He tells me Yugoslavian Mosin-Nagants are going for $349, police trade-in 12ga shotguns are $325, and regular 00buck is going for a dollar a shell. Holy Hannah. On top of that, I'm told Stag has a TWO YEAR backlog.

I didn't think the world had already started to fall apart, but apparently the gun show people think it is.


Mike W. said...

Mosins had already gone up a lot before the current craze. I remember when they were ~$70. Last I checked online I saw them for ~$120.

$350 for a Mosin is absolutely nuts

Laura said...

Even though $120 is a bit high, it's what I would have expected the price to be today. I didn't anticipate over $300 for a canoe paddle.

Old NFO said...

Try $4200 for an old SP1 Colt and ONE can of ammo... That's what a buddy got last weekend in Texas.

Laura said...

jesus, seriously? that's nuts!